• MGH is consistently ranked as one of the country’s best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.
  • MGH’s Department of Physical & Occupational Therapy has more board certified specialists than any other facility in Massachusetts.
  • OT Services are available on all inpatient units at MGH.
  • Outpatient services are available in Boston and Revere.
  • Translation services available.

At the main MGH campus in Boston and at the MGH Community HealthCare Center in Revere, the Occupational Therapy Department at The Massachusetts General Hospital works with individuals of all ages to improve their ability to perform their valued daily living and work tasks. Your OT program will be individually designed to help you restore lost function from an injury or illness, learn life style modification, or develop new skills that will help you be independent with your work, play-leisure or self care activities. Patient and family education and ongoing communication with your physician are priorities for our therapists.

Information for Outpatients
(Patients who have not been hospitalized; their treatment does not require an overnight stay).

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The Outpatient Occupational Therapy department at Massachusetts General Hospital is comprised of more than 15 Occupational Therapists, including 10 Board Certified Specialists. We treat individuals that have limitations as a result of stroke, head injury, movement disorders, arthritis, burns, fractures, trauma, work or sport injuries, cancer, birth defects, as well as other acute or chronic medical conditions that affect one’s ability to perform functional activities. Our specialty areas include Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy (delivered by Certified Hand Therapists), Neurology and Pediatric Rehabilitation Programs.

All patients of the MGH Occupational Therapy Service must be registered with the hospital before the date of their first appointment. Upon completion of this process, you will receive an MGH "blue card" with your individual medical record number. This is your MGH identification number. You may register and obtain your MGH blue card by stopping by the Patient Registration and Referral Center on the first floor of the Wang Ambulatory Care Center on the MGH Main Campus. You may also register by telephone, Monday through Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm, by calling 866-211-6588.

Please bring the following to each appointment:

  • Blue card (obtained prior to your first visit).
  • Current insurance card.
  • All Occupational Therapy services require a physician prescription.
  • If your injury is work related, please bring your worker's compensation information and contact telephone numbers.
  • If your injury is related to a motor vehicle accident, please contact the MGH Registration and Referral Center at 866-211-6588 with the name of the insurance company that should be billed for your treatment.
  • If your insurance requires you to obtain authorization from your Primary Care Physician, it is your responsibility to contact the doctor's office and obtain this information in advance of your first visit.
  • If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, you should contact the member services representative of your insurance carrier (the number is often on the back of your insurance card) or one of MGH’s Occupational Therapy insurance coordinators. MGH Occupational Therapy insurance coordinators can be reached at 617-726-1080 and will be happy to assist you.
  • Insurance co-pays are expected at the time of each visit. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, and credit card.

At your first visit, you can expect:
Your first visit with the Occupational Therapist may last for up to one hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early so all of your insurance information can be obtained.

If you must cancel an appointment:
It is important for you to keep scheduled appointments to achieve the best possible outcome. Should you need to cancel an appointment, please call our Front Desk (617-726-2961) as soon as possible so that we may offer the appointment to another patient.

If you have questions about your treatment:
If you have any questions about any aspect of your occupational therapy treatment plan, please don't hesitate to ask your therapist. He/she will be happy to discuss your care with you.

Information for Inpatients
(Patients who are receiving Occupational Therapy during their stay in the hospital).
The Occupational Therapy Service is comprised of more than 15 therapists. Occupational Therapy is available 7 days a week on all of the patient care units at MGH. As a member of your care team, your Occupational Therapist will collaborate with your physician, your nurses, and all of the other individuals responsible for your treatment to provide a complete and coordinated plan of care.

If you have questions about your treatment:
If you have questions about any aspect of your occupational therapy treatment plan, please don't hesitate to ask your therapist. He/she will be happy to discuss your care with you.