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MGH therapists share a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and innovation that is nothing short of inspiring. Our OTs have the responsibility of treating many rare, complex and demanding cases. They meet these challenges with the latest in advanced technology and research and with the support of Clinical Specialists and colleagues who are dedicated to their clinical and professional advancement.

The vitality of our Continuing Education programs and the breadth and depth of experience in a variety of specialty areas provide our therapists with rich opportunities for professional development throughout their entire career. Our therapists can continually advance clinically and professionally by actively engaging in research, developing their Clinical Instructor skills, pursuing board certification or a clinical certificate of advanced study, or serving as a lecturer or teaching assistant. In addition, we offer opportunities to enrich one's practice with community outreach, volunteer and professional association activities. Salaries are competitive and the exceptional benefits include tuition assistance to support therapists in earning additional professional credentials.

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